Title: Codemaster with potential to be Chief Codemaster

--- Want to change the way we use computers? ---

Thomas Edison's lightbulb was invented in 1879 and has evolved and spawned every electronic device you've ever used. The QWERTY keyboard? Patented one year BEFORE the lightbulb and has remained largely the same. Yet we continue to use this as the primary gateway to our computers even as our needs and the complexity of what we do in work and play has vastly changed.

Keyboards were designed for typing, it's time we create an interface for the work we do today.

Our Mission & Values

We're looking for developers to join us in empowering a new generation of creatives and changing the way we use computers. It's a lofty goal, but one that drives everything we do. We do it with integrity, authenticity, and creativity to build products and a company that our users love.

Job Description

This is less of a job and more of a partnership. We've done great things to prove the concept, and now we're looking for a developer to lead the charge to build new consoles and features to meet and exceed the incredible demand of our users. You will be in charge of all development needs from code to QA and bug fixing. And when needed, leading other developers. You will work directly with the Jeff, the founder and CEO in a highly collaborative work enviroment. Time will be split between independent and coworking at The Hub. Your primary area will be in mobile development within Unity3D written in C# with occasional support of our desktop/server application. Work will often be in UI (GUI, gestures, animation), with forays into the implementation of social networking, optimization, QA tracking, and other needs as they arise. You do not need to know Unity3D. This is an opportunity to not just be a cog, but to be the machine.

Who We Are

We are a small startup launched on the success of our Kickstarter in Nov. 2012. As much proof of the product as it was our ability to market it, we raised $41,171 from 888 backers all over the world (see map). Features in Mashable Tech, c|net, and others in the industry, allowed us to raise $30,000 in the last 12 days proving our suspicions were right and our bet, founded.

Jeff, the founder, built the prototype in a night. Not with the intention of building a business, but because he needed to edit at pro speeds from day one to meet a crazy deadline for General Mills as his first professional video client. Built by creatives, for creatives. His work has contributed to four Webby's two gold lions at Cannes, and two National Magazine Awards.

Creativity First: Great things are built in environments that embrace creativity. It means we try out ideas, experiment and take calculated risks. The creative community (editors, filmmakers, designers, etc) is our key customer base and creativity is our grounding principle.

Spec Ops Mentality: Highly collaborative, small team environment that’s flexible and dedicated to achieving our mission. We’re empowered to act as individuals and a team while keeping true to respect & compassion for our crew.

Threshold of awesome:

  • Passion for code, it's your art
  • Experience in C#
  • Love of UI
  • Learns incredibly fast
  • Committed to a high level threshold of awesome

  • Preferred:

  • Unity3D experience
  • NGUI experience
  • Animation
  • Gestures
  • Experience in mobile dev

  • Our Style:

  • We have fun at work (really) and still get sh!t done. It’s a good dynamic

  • Compensation:

  • Compensation dependant on experience
  • Salary and equity opportunities
  • Contract to hire

  • To apply:

    Send an email to: jeff@ctrlconsole.com with your resume & links to your work.

    Tell us a little about yourself: Who are you? What makes you tick...And what's the project you’re most proud of and why?

    About CTRL+Console

    CTRL+Console was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2012 and funded by 888 backers on Kickstarter with the mission to enable a whole new generation to unleash their creativity. Press and accolades include a feature in Mashable Tech and an invitation to demo from Adobe's booth throughout NAB 2013. CTRL+Console is the brainchild of Jeff Chow, a professional photographer and technologist who found himself facing the same challenge that many creatives around the world face everyday - the desire to make art, but held back by the difficulty of software. CTRL+Console is designed to solve that.

    Available now on the App Store.

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